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At Fitness Doctors, we offer an innovative, holistic approach to maximizing overall health, sports performance, fitness, strength and self-esteem while helping prevent debilitating injuries.

IronHorse Athletics, a division of Fitness Doctors is devoted to training people of all ages and fitness levels, including athletes, coaches and sports medicine professionals in proven methods that have positively impacted the lives of individuals all over North America.



Specialized Training For:

  • Health, Fitness & Wellness
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Medical Exercise for Disease Management
  • Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
  • Senior Conditioning
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Professional Fitness Training
  • Sports Injury Prevention
  • Triathlon Training
  • Sports ReConditioning
  • Sports-Specific Performance Enhancement
  • Individual Sessions & Classes


Our experience includes prestigious and ivy league educational institutions. More about our clients >

Letter from St. Edward's University - Letter from Harvard University - Letter from Boston College

5 star rating "I have known Sarah for more than 25 years. She encouraged me to start training. I have benefited from her wisdom and experience all these years. 
I am healthier and without injury throughout these years of training together because she cares and has the experience to make a difference.

Now when people ask I say " Im closer to fifty than I am to forty".....Actually, ...... this is me at 59. " - Jay M.

5 star rating “ Thanks for being my all time Great Triathlon PR coach. I never would have placed first in my age group way back when if it were not for you teaching me how to really kill it on the bike, and how to run with my arms when my feet were numb.” - Kellie

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Sarah Scott and her dog, Billy, featured in Austin Fit Magazine!

Billy the Dog"Billy goes with me every day to the Wimberly Athletic Club and to Fitness Doctors. He greets every client and is in the gym more than any other dog I know. Not only is he a fit dog, he's around fitness 40+ hours a week. "

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Billy the Dog"Sarah Scott is the epitome of kinetic energy. During her career, Scott has competed professionally in women’s bodybuilding."
- Austin Business Journal

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Featured in Texas MD: Austin's Fitness Doctors Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness

Texas MD
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Feature in Texas MD Magazine

Citius, Altius, Fortius,” or Faster, Higher, Stronger is an Olympic motto from the 1920s that Sarah Scott, Founder of Fitness Doctors in Austin, Texas, lives by in both her professional and personal life.

Sarah comes from a legacy of teachers, engineers, physicians, and entrepreneurs who value learning and a lifetime of continuing education, so it’s no surprise that she embodies traits from all of the above. Indeed, her great-, great-, great-grandfather was one of the first doctors in the state of Texas.

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Fitness Doctors client

“I am fond of telling my clients that my only job is to call out your grace, power and strength. Your only job is to show up and be willing to flourish!” - Sarah Scott, Founder of Fitness Doctors in Austin

Fitness clients in Austin at Fitness Doctors

“This is the new face of fitness. It is more about obtaining optimal function, than how you look in a mirror. My motto is ‘Strength First, Fat Loss Second."- Sarah Scott, Founder of Fitness Doctors in Austin

For trainer Sarah Scott, no two workouts are the same, because no two clients are the same. She tailors her personalized strength training sessions for each individual, modifying workouts and working around past injuries to meet the needs of clients from all experience and fitness levels. Get started today.

Fitness Doctors in the Press

Fittest Challenge

"I have just been nominated & invited to be part of the 2014 Fittest Entrepreneur Challenge. I am very honored to accept this nomination and grateful for this opportunity!"- Sarah Scott


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